General Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about Emirates Link Maltauro L.L.C.
In this line of services, customers expect greatness from us. Over the years, we became very proud of the outstanding amount of frequenters who keep coming back every single time, as we believe in a lifetime relationship with our esteemed clients.  
In Emirates Link Maltauro LLC, mutual respect and confidence are key factors for maintaining a sustainable relationship with our clients who are the secret to the success of our business. We earned respect by staying honest to ourselves, providing our customers with ultimate integrity and transparency, and we gained their confidence delivering excellent service every single time. 
I sometimes ask myself, "What makes us different from any other construction company?" I think it is that personal approach to business that makes us partners with our customers. We care more about the customer’s satisfaction than the flow of our business. 
We deeply appreciate the fact that you may consider our firm for your forth coming projects; we will strive to bring our high level of expertise and passion to your project.


Mohamad Sleiman

General Manager